When you first contact me please be advised that first impressions usually last a lifetime and not everybody is lucky enough to get a second chance! With that in mind please abstain from rude, lewd or graphic language. Do not inquire about sex acts or be too descriptive in expressing your fantasies. I do want to hear about your interests, passions, hobbies, likes and dislikes in a gentlemanly way. Please be punctual, courteous and fresh so we can enjoy our time together.

I am very discreet and the information I request from you is only to ensure my personal safety and will not be used for any other means. Everything that transpires between us during our time together should stay confidential. I have a non review posting policy, however If you are compelled to post a review please do so in a non graphic and respectful manner. Lastly, but certainly not least, please make sure your computer or other electronic communication with me is as discreet and secure as mine is with you.

When I travel I am in call only which means you will come to my location. I usually stay in a 4 star hotel or better. If you are a new acquaintance I will only come to your 4 star location ( restaurants / hotels ) or better. For established friends we can meet at a location of your choice that we both are comfortable with.

I make all appointments via e-mail. However you can call my assistant Heather and schedule via phone as well. If you would like to make an appointment with me, please fill out the appointment request form. Generally I take appointments between 10 am through 10 pm but sometimes special requests can be accommodated. On the request form I do ask for some personal information. I can assure you that all of the information will be kept confidential. You may have total confidence that the information you give me is simply for my own protection. I will always respect your need for privacy and discretion. I receive many e-mails from men requesting just to take me out to dinner since they sense that I am such an outgoing and approachable woman. Please know that I do charge for my time, so if you would like to take me out for a meal I suggest that you book either a 2 or 4 hour appointment.

Once we have agreed on an appointment time you will need to make a 50 % deposit. Your deposit is NON refundable unless I have to cancel our appointment. If you have to reschedule an appointment your deposit may be applied to your next appointment as long as you cancel 48 hours before your scheduled appointment time. There are two ways to make a deposit, over-night mail or credit card.




On the day before your appointment I would love for you to give me a call on my mobile phone to confirm your appointment. If I am available at the time of your call I would like to chat with you for a few minutes. It’s always nice to break the ice with a little conversation before we meet. If I don’t pick up the phone please leave me a message. If you would like for me to call you back please leave your number and the best time to reach you.

FOR FIRST TIME ENCOUNTERS ONLY !!! On the day of your appointment give me a call on my mobile phone as you are heading out and let me know that you are on your way. When you arrive at the location call me at your appointed time so that we can meet up. If you should arrive early please wait until your appointed time to call. If you are running late please let me know but be aware that it may cut our time short together if my schedule does not permit me to extend our time beyond what we both had originally agreed to. If you can absolutely not make it you will forfeit your deposit and if I haven’t heard from you you may be blacklisted and never be able to see me. For my established friends you know the routine of when to call me or when to expect a call from me ;-)

I like to take care of business right away, so if you owe a balance for your appointment, then please hand your donation to me in an envelope. If you decided to pay the remainder via credit card please be prepared and have all required documentation (credit card, drivers license or government issued id) ready. I do additionally request a business card for all new acquaintances for first time meetings. I love communication so if there is anything you would like please make it known to me and if there is something you don’t like please let me know that too. I want you to have a wonderful time, so don’t be shy about communicating your desires to me.

Many people ask me if they can bring a gift of some kind. You don’t have to bring anything, but sometimes gentlemen just want to surprise me. Due to the increased e-mail inquiries, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite things.

I only Tour certain major cities; New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Miami, Washington DC and San Francisco so if you are not able to see me in any of these cities or in my home city of Los Angeles I could make a special trip to come see you. In order for me to make a special trip there is a 4 hour $5000 minimum requirement. You will also be responsible for my airfare, hotel and ground transportation. A 50% deposit plus airfare will be required in advance. For special trips to Europe, there is a 24 hour $15,000 minimum plus travel expenses. I will also need as much advance notice as possible so that I can fit your special trip in between my regular tours and the rest of my very busy schedule. In order to request a special trip please fill out the appointment request form and I will get back to you as soon as I can so we can make arrangements.

I always strive to live as a law abiding individual. With that in mind, please do not jeopardize our respective lives or careers by asking for anything that would be illegal for either one of us. If you so much as even suggest an illegal act, not only will I refuse to be any part of it, I will immediately terminate our time together and implement my security net.

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