Exploring a Sub

Now guys get your mind out of the gutter :-)

Today in the afternoon we actually had some time to go explore the Submarine Becuna and the Cruiser Olympia lying at Penn’s landing.

Since this was not too far from our hotel the Hyatt it made sense to go and spend the afternoon exploring the ships.

The tour started with the sub which had served in world war II as well as during the cold war. We got to crawl in our tight hip hugging jeans and high heels through all the little man holes

and check out the whole ship including the bunks from back to front. Although both of us are fit and slim we did feel claustrophobic in the small space. So the question remains how did they ever fit a Crew of 8 commissioned officers, 5 chief petty officers, and 67 enlisted men in this small a space :-) ?

From there we climbed aboard the Olympia which was incredible to walk through since she is the oldest warship afloat in the world. She won eternal fame for her most famous officer, Commodore George Dewey. After we had explored two of the four decks, we were hungry and had worked up an appetite. So we decided to go feast on something and since no date was to be found we decided on food.  We headed back to the hotel bar and turned heads walking in. Sat down at the bar and flirted shamelessly with the bartender to pass the time until the end of his shift when he got replaced by a lesser attractive female version. Stuffed and turned off by the dyke bartender we decided to have each other for dessert. We slipped in our Bathing suits and went down to the pool only to find ourselves there totally alone with the exception of the people in the gym working out behind a pain of glass. What a show did they get…… slim, fit, silky, slender, lean, tight, tan bodies effortlessly floating through the water into an embrace to hold and kiss…

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