1st Live Football Game ever!! Bengals win ;-)

I was invited to to Cincinnati by a friend this past weekend and came to find out that the game plan was to watch the Bengals play the Rams at the downtown Paul Braun Stadium.

Yeah for me since i have never been to a live football game ever :-))

So needless to say i show up to the cold city with my usual Los Angeles attire plus a furry coat just to have my friend look at me and laugh, take me by the hand and go shopping for some stuff to keep me warm.

Whatever that means. …. I could not imagine what clothing items could possibly keep me warm at 32 or more degrees below. But savvy as he is he got me some really nice ladies to help and so we came up with the right accessories…. hat, gloves, scarf and earmuffs. Yes …. earmuffs and they made me look cute and fuzzy :-)

Anyhow so off we go to the stadium. Now, it had been raining on and off all morning and yes you guess it right, it was raining more on than off by the time we got there :-)

I really do not mind a bit of rain however by the time we had walked from the car to the stadium we were pretty wet. Nevertheless what is a righteous fan does not forfeit a game and so we continued on to our seats. Like the Gentleman that he is, my friend wiped down my seat and i took my place in the upper club west seat for the next hour or so.

The rain stop coming down slowly and within minutes i looked like a wet dog :-) i got up and tried to shake out my coat but it was way to heavy and i already had a wet behind and water running off my nose and face.

In the end i must say it was way worth sitting through the cold and the rain having witnesses Sunday night football live along with 63000+ Bengal fans. what an experience :-)

Besides afterwards we stopped in to Morten’s one of my favorite steak houses to dine at only to find the players and the coaching staff of the team celebrating there too :-)

All in all a fantastic two day’s had in a city i came to love.

Thanks s.b. see you soon.

xoxo dru


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