Rocking Philly with Phyllisha Anne


Wow …. it’s been some time since I have posted here to keep you all informed on my whereabouts and trips my thoughts and all of the mundane stuff I do or don’t do when I am not touring :-).

I have been traveling with long time friend and Adult Movie Star Phyllisha Anne and we are currently in Philly. What fun!!! We had the phone ring off the hook of guys, girls and couples…. yes couples

wanting to see us. There is no way of accommodating everyone so we just have to make a trip back out. Our Lunch date today, handsome guy, mid thirties, was delayed by a bus. mgt but then rocked

our world. We had so much fun wrestling around and pinning him down and making him submit to the pleasures to come. After a thorough workout he finally gave and surrendered to the powers at play :-)

But although new to Phyllisha, i took care of my longtime friend with a tuning fork adjustment and a quick reiki recharge to send him back off to work relaxed and energized.

Thanks for the visit PUTTYMONSTER…

Btw we should stop talking about this web site and get it on it’s way :-)

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